February 20, 2016

Cedar’s Commitment to ‘Future Friendly’ and ‘Greener’ Coatings

With eco-awareness being on trend globally, Cedar is mindful of the role that coatings play in contributing towards the ever increasing carbon footprint being exerted on the environment.


Of particular interest to Cedar are all issues surrounding volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and lead in paints. Their research and development team have been working extensively to create a ‘greener’ Premium Range of ‘Future Friendly’ coatings which include:


  • Cedar Satin Wall Coat;
  • Cedar Matt Cover Coat;
  • Cedar Plaster Primer;
  • Cedar Roof & Waterproof;
  • Cedar Textured; and
  • Cedar Water-Based Non-Drip.


Traditional industrial and decorative coatings contain a myriad of chemicals, inclusive of carbon-based ‘volatile organic compounds’ typically abbreviated as ‘VOCs’. VOCs vaporise and become a breathable gas at room temperature. They are typically ‘off-set’ from the walls directly into the air during the paint application and/or drying process. Many scientific studies have associated numerous health effects with short and long-term exposure to these chemical and toxic substances.


Cedar’s efforts to lower these VOCs has been primarily centred around substituting high with low VOC emitting additives in their paint product ranges. The polyphosphates used for example, are completely inorganic and obtained from natural resources, whilst the poly-acrylic dispersants and stabilisers added to their water-based ranges both have a significantly reduced VOC content.


In addition, Cedar Paint currently has its own range of low VOC eco-friendly ‘point-of-sale’ colourants available on the market for the discerning eco-conscious consumer.


Cedar is fully aware of the toxic effects that lead poses and remains highly conscientious of this metal’s ability to disrupt numerous crucial bodily functions. This heavy metal has mainly been used as a pigment and was, in the past, renouned for its ability to speed up the paint’s drying process, resist moisture and increase the coating’s durability.


Lead legislation in paint has been regulated in South Africa for decorative coatings, but not for the industrial coatings ranges. Labelling indicating that a product contains lead still however remains mandatory.


Cedar has complied with the ‘lead free’ legislation on its decorative coatings ranges. The driers that are added to its alkyd based decorative paints contain no lead in the drier combinations.


The Cedar Premium Range will be launched in 2014 and shall be available at Cedar’s retail outlets nationwide. This range will be the specifier’s choice for all projects that their Architectural & Trade team will be managing.

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