About Us

Cedar Paint is a name synonymous not only with the Retail, Mining, Building and Construction Industries but a name synonymous with innovative, decorative and long life coatings which have evolved over a period in excess of 48 years.


Buddy Lebonon began Cedar in1962 when he noticed an opportunity in the market.  By 1969 the Cedar Radex Brand was registered and in 1982 Cedar Radex amalgamated with the Albestra and Vadek Brands to become the third largest Coatings Manufacturer in Southern Africa.


Cedar Vadek became a household name in the late 80’s and early 90’s.  In 1997 the Brand was sold to a private owner who re-structured the business and registered the company as Paint & Ladders.  The Paint & Ladders brand incorporated Ladders and Castors which was later sold to the Argent Group of Companies in 2008.


The Argent Group divided the Company into two Brands, Cedar Paint and Castor & Ladders.  By 2012 the Cedar Paint Brand had become the preferred supplier to most in the Mining industry and a leader in this field while Castor and Ladder became known as a major player in their sector.


As a member of the Argent Group, Cedar Paint has emerged to its present position as a result of providing aesthetically pleasing and financially practical coating systems for the Building, Contracting, Mining and Re-decorative industries within South Africa.


Users of Cedar Paint coating systems are guaranteed to have the ultimate high quality finishes whilst achieving the economic considerations of large scale projects.


Architects and Specifiers require coatings that will last well into the years ahead and Cedar Paint has the ability to provide such technically and visually acceptable finishes to meet these demanding requirements.


Cedar Paint manufactures many paints and coatings with a quality Guarantee System, thus further enhancing and guaranteeing the customer a high quality, effective and long-lasting product.  Throughout a national network of branches Cedar Paint provides an extremely competent specification system thereby assuring commitment at a local level.  Qualified personnel are a telephone call away to authenticate this product and its service.


Cedar Paint prides itself on such quality, service and back-up which are the only watch-words in todays economic and political environment, safeguarding itself in the constant growth and development of its market share in an extremely competitive field.


Outside the laboratory, paint is generally judged by its performance and appearance once applied. Experience repeatedly reminds us that the Manufacturer, the Specifier and the Painter share equal responsibility in achieving a successful paint finish. Our qualified Sales Team are an integral part of our service to these Stakeholders.


The Specifier is afforded the highest quality of service on Cedar Paint’s comprehensive range of Specialist Coatings. This service ensures our ability to meet and match the Architects’ requirements. Therefore, sample catalogues should be perceived as a guideline measure only and not as a limited variety of colour and textural permutations.


Tenders often mislead the End User by listing the required specification followed by the wording “..or equal”. No two companies and their product are ever fully equal. Cedar Paint – specified by Brand Name, prides itself in providing a top quality range of coatings which confidently allows the contractor to adhere to the Tenders, and so price accordingly. The Cedar Paint range ensure quality, price, life and service of its products in advance.


The choice of product ultimately rests with the consumer or Specifier, not the Contractor or Suppliers. The Architect, Specifier and Manufacturer all share pride in the development of the task. In the final analysis, the satisfied owner of the Building benefits most of all.


As Specialists in our field, we urge you to communicate with out consultants in the ongoing process of formulating individualized finishes and Specialised Coatings under the Cedar Paint name.