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Ultra Premium Range first 2 products released 2015 - Identity Matt and Damp Proof Primer

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    Cedar Paint launched a first for South Africa and possibly even internationally.  A coating that can highlight itself as a Cedar Paint product.  The coating ‘tells’ you who it is.  What this means for the Architect, Asset Owner and Home Owner is peace of mind that the Contractor cannot ‘cheat’ the specification.  Cedar Paint Identity Matt is infused with a Micro Element or to make it more simple, a paint DNA which allows a Cedar Paint Technician to scan on site and confirm if a coating has our Brand Identity infused within.  The Micro Elements do not change the colour of texture of the coating.


    Cedar Paint is proud to have designed this inventive, first to market coating that comes with Micro Elements (a Detectable Named Acrylic).  But wait, there is more … the Identity Matt is Hydrophobic meaning that liquids cannot stick to the coating, water is repelled from the surface creating a self-cleaning Ultra-Premium product for the inside or outside of your property.  Yes the Ultra Range can be classed as a specialised coating, yet it remains practical and easy to apply product.


    The Cedar Paint Ultra Range may be used as a two part system or separately.  Used as a two part system, the Applicator would prime mineral surfaces (Plaster, brick …) with two coats, wet on wet, to ensure the surface is sealed and damp proof.  Good preparation ensures a long lasting, protective and decorative coating which in turn ensures savings over time.  This first step involves our Damp Repairing Plaster Primer.  For the second step, apply two coats of our Identity Matt, a Hydrophobic Matt finish coating that comes with a 15 year guarantee and has the ability to ‘tell you’ who it is.


    How did we come up with this Inventive coating?  Shane Weeden fell in love with the Coatings Industry in the early 90’s and considers himself privileged to have worked on the shop floor, dealing with Contractors and Home Owners alike.  Then joined a large Paint manufacturer as a Sales Rep, dealt with Independent and large Group Retailers to eventually join Cedar Paint, heading up the National Sales.  Through the years he realised that often Paint  Specifications are not honoured by Applicators which results in Asset Owners possibly not getting the Specified Coating they were promised.  Shane wondered how it was that every item of value was Branded.  These Brands held market equity and could immediately be identified.  Paint however, once out of its bucket and applied to a surface was never branded.  The ‘loop holes’ in market were allowing for irregularities between what Brand was Specified and what could possibly be on the coated surface.  It was while in the employ of Cedar Paint that he invited a number of clients to the Kruger National Park to do guided walks through the South African bush.  The guide pointed out to the group how light on certain exoskeletons creates different effects … Shane found the answer, considering that the shell of an insect and a paint coating do the same thing in many ways, protects and decorates, why could paint not copy Mother Nature and in turn give us a Hydrophobic, protective and decorative coating that can be identified as Cedar Paint by using certain light to identify it.  Two years of research with Andrzej Mrozek, a brilliant Chemist, they created a product that is Ultra-Premium.  A product that Cedar Paint can be proud of, that you the client can be proud of, proud to have on your property and can honestly know … it’s Cedar Paint.

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